New Release: The Book of Transparencies

(KERNPUNKT Press, December 2018)

"In Jefferson Navicky’s novel, a dreamy scholar pursues the history of a book he’s obsessed with. Navicky’s writing reminds me of late Melville, the Melville of Pierre, familiar and grave from evasion and obsession. His characters travel from “country to country, from mountain to asylum, from object to archive,” under the shadow all lovers must serve and all writers must eventually, and with great sadness, shake off to begin our work.  In doing so, Navicky has created a rare document of pain and pleasure. A promising, poetic debut."

— Kevin Killian, author of IMPOSSIBLE PRINCESS

"Jefferson Navicky has created a delight of a debut for its sensuality and invention, its handling of light alongside the deepest dark. The Book of Transparencies is a rarity of its own making, an existential novella in which prose merges with poetry to explore topics of common interests–––love and loss, art and travel, the permanence and impermanence of nature and phenomenon–––in uncommon ways, eluding conventional form, until the reader understands she is standing before a work of innovative fiction and the untethered imagination of its creator. Herein, readers will find a matrix of perspective–––author within author within author–––both illuminating and dark."


"…a stream-of-consciousness tour de force, created through free association rather than logic. ... it is not for the story that one reads it, not even for the characters, but for the process of reading itself, and for the insight it gives into the process of writing." 

— Laura Nicoara, Heavy Feather Review


The Paper Coast


“How I loved meandering up and down this fog-laden Paper Coast with Jefferson Navicky. His characters—shadow creatures—stilled me with their strange secrets and yearnings, and their fragmented visions and obsessions—time, memory, ghosts, wolves, islands, books from the past—blended into a mysterious and haunted and thrilling whole.”

– Robin MacArthur, author of HALF WILD and HEART SPRING MOUNTAIN

“In Jefferson Navicky’s The Paper Coast, we find the vicissitudes of translators and sea captains; flotsam and fonts; swans and wax cylinders and burials at sea. Sometimes ghostly, sometimes arch, sometimes laugh-out-loud scatological, its stories hold the scent of salt, pine, and ether; of coffee, old books, and sardines. To read The Paper Coast is to immerse in the librarial alchemy of Borges crossed with the profane whimsy of Brautigan, infused with Dickensonian flint and slant, the blue and brume of a certain coastal Maine. Navicky’s tales are curious, beautiful, transcendent. His sentences are luminous.”

– Megan Grumbling, author of BOOKER'S POINT


Uses of a Library

A chapbook of prose poems about libraries published in Triple #6 from Ravenna Press, including “Me & Borges” originally published in Cafe Irreal, as well as “Uncuttable” originally published in Front Porch Journal.